Jennifer Kanter-Brout, Ed.M., Psy.D.

Jennifer Kanter-Brout, Ed.M, Psy.D., Jennifer Kanter-Brout is a School Psychologist and the mother of adult triplets. Disappointed by her own experiences with the state of the field when seeking help for her own child, Dr. Kanter-Brout has dedicated herself to advocating for the establishment of better research, improved diagnosis, and innovative clinical practice related to auditory over-responsivity, now termed misophonia, for the past 18 years.

Dr. Jennifer Kanter-Brout established the Sensation and Emotion Network (SENetwork) in 2007, along with the Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program at Duke University in 2008. She has worked with the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation for over 15 years, is a member of their scientific work-group, and is a recipient of their Advocacy Award. She established the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) as an affiliate of SENetwork 2015, in order to more specifically focus her efforts on the particular constellation of symptoms now termed Misophonia, or Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome.

With IMRN, Dr. Kanter-Brout continues to bring together multi-disciplinary teams of highly esteemed academic researchers and clinicians in order to share resources, eventually culminating in research papers, academic conferences, and innovative treatment.

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