Sensory Processing, Misophonia, and Mental Health Study

Sensory Processing and Mental Health Study

Some people respond to sensory cues in their daily environments differently than others. Problem with processing sensory information (e.g., misophonia) may be associated with various behavioral health problems.

This study is no longer actively recruiting. The study generally examined (a) the relationship between self-reported responses to sensory cues (during childhood and adulthood) and mental health problems. More specifically, in this study we have begun to explore whether there is a relationship between misophonia and (a) sensory over-responsivity across other senses, (b) psychiatric symptoms and disorders, and (c) difficulties with emotional functioning and emotion regulation. We have begun to analyze our results and will be submitting them for publication soon.

if you have questions, contact Lisa Kelley at the Cognitive Behavioral Research and Treatment Program by calling 919-684-6701 or e-mailing

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