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Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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Other Fun and Engaging Links
MP3 Downloads and Exercises
Dharma Talks

Relaxation Techniques

Online CBT

  • Mood Gym
    Mood Gym provides online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


  • National Public Radio's Music website
    NPR Music is a free, multi-genre, multimedia Web site that presents the best of public radio music.
  • Lala
    A place to grow your music
  • Rhapsody
    Rhapsody is a membership-based music service that gives you unlimited access to a catalog of millions of full length, CD-quality tracks.
  • Grooveshark
    Grooveshark is a great place to listen to just about anything you want for free.
  • Pate's Tapes
    Pate's Tapes has some interesting music mixes.
  • Pandora
    The best place on the web for discovering new music.
  • Music Sound Generator
    Make music in an instant.

Games and Puzzles

  • Web Sudoku
    Online Sudoku-Logic Puzzle with Numbers
  • Jig Zone
    Online Jig-saw Puzzles
    Interactive Puzzles and Games
  • Brain Bashers
    Logic-oriented 3D Puzzles and Brain Teasers
    Various Card, Board, Word, and Logic Games
  • Net Games
    3D Action, Sport, and Board Games
  • Game Scene
    Make-your-own Classic Arcade Game
  • City Creator
    Build-your-own Virtual City
  • Minecraft
    Use lo-fi blocks to build anything you want. Only the original version (Minecraft Beta) is free.
  • Entanglement
    Rotate tiles to create paths while listening to relaxing music

Other Fun and Engaging Links

Informative talks, TV shows, quizzes, and other fun links

  • Ted Talks
    Talks by very smart people about very interesting things
  • Hulu
    Free access to TV shows and movies
  • Sporcle
    A nearly unlimited resource for quizzes about anything
  • Daily Seinfeld
    Updated daily with new witticisms from the show Seinfeld
  • Cute Roulette
    If you're in a bad mood, there is nothing better
  • Rate my Puppy
    A resource for puppies
  • Rate my Kitten
    A resource for kittens

MP3 Downloads and Exercises

Exercises to help you relax

Dharma Talks

Talks from Buddhist teachers about mindfulness, acceptance, peace, and spirituality

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